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My vision for the future of mojoPortal is ultimately to be a platform to run any business using the web browser by providing a powerful but simple to use content management and virtual office system for easily building interactive collaborative web sites and applications for almost any purpose.  mojoPortal will also be easily extensible so that you can develop your own custom features to support your specific business needs.  mojoPortal will continually add the non-differentiating features that every company would use to achieve this vision.  You will be able to focus on your business logic and take advantage of the framework for authentication, authorization, navigation, skinning and other features of the infrastructure.  Some of the features I have in mind are messaging, project management, customer relationship management, issue tracking, time tracking, contact management, schedule and appointment management, accounting, and task management.  Wherever possible I will use best of breed open source implementations that are freely available and fill in the gaps where needed. The mojoPortal core will continue to add useful infrastructure that you can leverage from within your own features. Being a cross platform solution is an important part of the mojoPortal vision. We will continue to maintain compatibility with  Mono on Linux and will be careful not to break this compatibility as we introduce new .NET technology. For me, this is an art project, I engage in this work as an artist and I hope mojoPortal will one day be both widely used and well regarded.

- Joe Audette, Founder - Mojoportal CMS

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